My Best BBQ Chicken Dry Rubs. These Are My Favorites

So one of my favorite items to smoke is whole chicken. I always get good results and typically will smoke it beer can style. A great rub can really add flavor to a chicken and I wanted to give you my thoughts on some of the rubs I feel are the best chicken bbq rubs out there. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion.  You will read a lot of opinions out there but these are my favorite bbq rubs for chicken.

Traeger Chicken Rub

Check it out here

traeger chicken rub

Some find this one a little salty but I love that and it goes great on poultry. It is great on chicken and is my go to rub when smoking chicken.

Kosmo’s Honey Killer Bee Rub

Check it out here

kosmos honey killer bee

Kosmo’s has a great variety of excellent rubs. They have a Dirty Bird rub that is specifically for chicken but I prefer the Honey Killer Bee. It is a lower sodium rub that is not as sweet as you may think from the title. It is great on whole chicken, thighs or wings.

Harry Soo’s Love – Chicken Rub

Check it out here.

harry soo bbq

If you have ever watched BBQ Pitmasters, you will recognize Harry Soo. He is a 30+ time grand champion and is a legendary pitmaster. He takes pride in his rubs and this one will make your chicken extremely flavorful.

Plowboy’s Yardbird Rub

Check it out here

yardbird rub

Excellent flavor that goes great on chicken or pork. This has become one of my go to rubs for chicken and you will not be disappointed with it. This rub is a little on the salty side but as I said above, I love that for chicken.

Final Thoughts


I hope you enjoyed this list and will take some time to try these rubs. You will not be disappointed by any of them as they are all great. In a future post, I will highlight a few of the rubs that I make myself for chicken. I typically will mix it up from time to time and use my own rubs instead of one of these four. If you have any other rubs you have tried and loved, please leave me a comment.


Happy Smoking!

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