Welcome to the first in many recipes that I will be posting. There are many BBQ tri tip recipes out there but this is one I have had some good success with.


So to begin, what is a Tri-tip?


It is a triangle shaped roast or steak cut from the bottom sirloin. It is a very flavorful cut that is lean and tender and you will sometimes see this used to create steak tips. It is sometimes known as a Santa Maria steak as the cut became a specialty in Santa Maria, CA. A tri-tip can be grilled or roasted but my favorite method is to smoke it and then sear it at the end to give it that nice finish.


You will find many different recipes out there. Here is my method for a 3 – 5 lb tri-tip




  • Heat your smoker to 225 F.

  • Apply rub to your tri-tip – I will either use a salt/pepper mixture of about 1/8 cup of each or one of the commercial rubs like Meat Church Holy Cow or Montreal Steak seasoning.

  • Smoke until internal temp reaches 130 F. Pull off the smoker and either transfer to a grill (my method) or increase your smoker temp to 450 – 500 deg F.

  • Sear for 3-4 minutes on each side.

  • Remove, let rest for 15 minutes or so.

  • Slice against the grain and serve.

tri tip

This is a great cut of meat to start your smoking journey with. I find it pretty simple to prepare and my family loves it. I hope you enjoy!


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4 thoughts on “BBQ Tri Tip Recipe

  1. Your article is making me crave for bbq steak so much and I’m just very lazy to prepare them. Actually, this is my first time hearing of Trip tip and it seems like it has so much flavor and would be fun to carry it out. Well, since you’ve made me crave it so Much, I think it’s time to wear me apron and bring out my chef. I’ll definitely come back with feedback. Thanks a lot 

  2. Back again! And the intro picture is making my mouth water. Thank goodness it’s almost lunch time for me. I’m glad you take the time to explain what the cut of meat is. Don’t be afraid to go further into it! I’d be interested in learning what a tri-tip is best serve with, what texture it has and what flavors and it’s packed with compared to other cuts.

  3. A very interesting one to see here and I must say that I honestly value all that AHS been shared with us all. I think the way you have presented all these here is just amazing and I will try my nest to ensure that I can make the best use of all these here.thanks for aall you share about this recipe

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