I love cooking in my backyard. Whether on my smoker or my grill, I enjoy getting out there, making great food and watching my family enjoy it. I have always grilled but I learned about 5 years ago that I was doing it wrong. I thought I knew what I needed and what I was doing but some research quickly made me determine that I did not.

I started to hone my grilling skills and then was introduced to the world of smoking. That was a game changer for me and it became a passion to learn everything I could about making great food in my backyard.


I wanted to create a place for all of us backyard enthusiasts to share recipes, tips and reviews to help all of us hone our skills. It is a great feeling when everyone looks forward to your cooking and I want to make sure we all get a chance to experience that!



My goal is to help people create great food! I learned the hard way and I want to provide a great way to learn how to smoke and grill and to make great recipes your family will love.

All the best,


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